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Race Results
Within 24 hours* of your Race The Gates race, your results will be posted to your Race Record at RaceTheGates.com. If you are racing at a resort that offers Live-Timing your results will posted there immediately. If you're a Race The Gates member your race results will automatically be added to your existing Race Record. If you are racing for the first time, a Race Record will be created for you when your results are posted.

Team Racing
Each time a team member races Race The Gates they score points for their team. Participants don't need to race on the same day or at the same location to score points for their online team! The Race The Gates web site keeps track of team scores based on each participant's best handicap earned during the season and ranks each team. Race The Gates racers can be associated with three types of teams: Family/Friends Team, Resort Team & Club Team. A list for Teams and Team Rules can be found here.
Search For a Team

Search for a Family/Friends Team, Club Team or Resort Team by selected a Team in the respective pulldown menu.

Family/Friends Team

Six racers are used to score the team

Club Team

Fifteen racers are used to score the team

Resort Team

Twenty racers are used to score the Resort Team

Maintain Your Race Record

Race The Gates provides you with the ability to maintain your Race Record during the year. To do so you must login using your Race The Gates ID and Race The Gates Password. Once you login, you will have access to special features on your Race Record accessible only by you.


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