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Anyone! There’s no requirement to have ever raced before, or sign up in advance. Just turn up, race, and have fun!

That being said, if you want to save time at the resort, and ensure your results are all grouped together then you should register online. Once that’s done it will be simpler at the resort; instead of going through a lot of details, just give them your Gates ID and they can pull up your details.

The resort sets the pricing structure.

It’s up to them to determine how much it costs, and for how many runs. Some will charge by the run, some may have a price for unlimited runs in a day, or even all season!

This is determined by the Resort.

You earn a handicap for each run you take on the course. The handicap is basically the percentage slower you are than the fastest racer in the country.

A pacesetter, who has a known handicap, runs the course and from that the theoretical time for the fastest racer in the country is determined. This is the “Par Time”. Your handicap is the percentage slower than the par time.

If the resort has a dual course the pacesetter will race each course. Assuming he or she gets a different time the par time for each course will be different.

A simple example (with convenient math):

Let’s say the Pacesetter currently has a handicap of 20.00. So, he or she would typically be 20% slower than the fastest racer in the country.

If they ran the course with a time of 24.00 seconds that calculates to a Par Time of 20.00 seconds (20.00 x 1.2 = 24.00). This is the time we would expect the fastest racer in the country would run the course.

Then if you run the course and get a time of 30.00 seconds your Handicap would be 50 (50% slower than the Par Time of 20.00 seconds).

If you ran the course with a blistering time of 20.00 seconds you would have a handicap of 0, because it’s the same as the Par Time. This would be a good time to head home, pack your bags and get ready to go to the Olympics, because you are fast!

The same logic applies to not-so-simple times and handicaps. But don’t worry, the resorts are provided with great software to do all the calculations!

Handicap Table

You can earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold or possibly a Double Black Diamond medal (for the very best racers).

If you don’t qualify for one of the above you qualify for a Participation Medal.

The medal earned is determined based on the handicap you earn, your age, gender, discipline (Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark etc), and the race type (Giant Slalom or Slalom).

Handicap charts are pre-set for each gender for both Giant Slalom and Slalom.

Each handicap chart is split up by age group and determines cutoff for each level of medal. If your handicap fits in the range, you earn that medal.

If racing any discipline other than Alpine a discount (-10 for Snowboard for example) is applied to the handicap before determining the medal.

All the details of this are automatically worked out by the software the resorts use. Obviously, if you go faster, you may get a better medal.

The software also determines how much faster you need to go to qualify for the next medal. The announcer may tell you the time needed before you head up for the next run.

Typically resorts will only give a medal for your best run of the day. If they hand out medals right at the finish and you race faster and earn a better medal, you might have to trade up!

As soon as the race is complete the resort will send the race data to RaceTheGates.com for posting. After this is done, results will be processed and are available immediately.

If the resort has an internet connection the results will be going to Live-Timing.com while the race is in progress.

If enough time has elapsed and the resort “should have posted the results by now”, you will need to contact the resort.

Race The Gates provides the tools but it’s up to the resort to send in the results.

Even after racing just once you will be in the rankings system. Your race record will include some key rankings but additional rankings may be selected via the options on Rankings tab.

Rankings are based on Race The Gates Points (RTG Points). For details about RTG Points and Rankings please see Program Information.

Please see Team Racing.

When registering through the web site you may now request your own ID. Perhaps it’s the same as the one you’ve had in the past just because you like it. Perhaps it’s your nickname. But, now you get to decide for yourself.

Please note that your ID is visible on the web site and you’ll be using it at the resort when registering to race. So, don’t create an ID that’s secret or you don’t want others to see. Also, each ID must be unique within RaceTheGates.com so register soon before the ID you want is gone!

Register Now!

If you participate in a Race The Gates event before registering at RaceTheGates.com, the system will create a GatesID for you automatically.

When you register at RaceTheGates.com, you will create your own GatesID. It can be anything composed of letter and numbers up to 9 characters long. Do not enter the GatesID that was automatically assigned to you; you will not be allowed to register with that GatesID since it is already taken (by your results).

Once you've registered, you should merge your results into your new account. This will, in effect, get rid of that GatesID previously assigned to you. Once you've done this, all your results will be associated with your new GatesID.

To merge your results into your account, you can do either of the following:

  1. Login to RaceTheGates.com. Click on your name (top right-hand corner). Then, select "Merge Results". The system will look for results that match your name, etc. Follow the instructions to merge.
  2. Login to RaceTheGates.com. Click Results and then search by name. Click on your name and confirm that these results belong to you. If so, click "This Racer is Me!" on the race record. Follow the instructions. This will create a merge request; we will approve your request as soon as we have a chance to review it (usually that day…sometimes very quickly).

  1. Login to RaceTheGates.com using your account's GatesID / Password.
  2. Click on your name in top right-hand corner, then select Merge Results.
  3. You should see the other account listed there. Follow the instructions.

If after doing the above, you still see results that should be in your account, do the following:

  1. Login (you are probably already logged in from the steps above)
  2. Navigate to the duplicate account's Race Record.
  3. Click on This Racer is Me!, and follow the instructions.
  4. You will receive email once we have reviewed and approved your request (usually pretty quickly).

You can update your profile as follows:

  1. Login to RaceTheGates.com using your GatesID / Password.
  2. Click on your name in the right-hand corner, then select Update Profile/Teams.
  3. Make the appropriate changes in the resulting form.
  4. Click Update Profile at the bottom of the form.