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RTG ID        Name                                 City                                         State
BAR438  Kris Bartosiak Telluride Mountain Village  CO 
JC10  JC Conquistador  
cris2905  Cris Dickson Telluride  CO 
GLI266  Floyd Glisson Telluride  CO 
Mac444  Spencer Mack  
Mayer13  Mike Mayer Telluride  CO 
MEE14  Harper Meek Telluride Mountain Village  CO 
new780  Thomas Newell Telluride  CO 
wwo2002  Whit Owen Telluride  CO 
PIT5  Scott Pittenger Telluride  CO 
SCH145  Cory Schoefter Telluride  CO 
zam68  Frankie Zampini Telluride  CO 
luca2005  Luca Zampini Telluride  CO 
vito2009  Vito Zampini Telluride  CO