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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Mar 5th, 2016
Daily Race The Gates
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Par Time

Dave Clancy
Results for Mar 5th, 2016 - Daily Race The Gates

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Grace AllenGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red34.9940.18 DBD ◆◆ 
Phoebe AllenGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red59.26137.42 - 
Cooper AndersenN. Easton, MAFemale 6-7Red39.4658.09 Gold 
Tristan AndersenN. Easton, MAMale 6-7Red36.2845.35 DBD ◆◆ 
Siena AstrauskasNew Castle, NHFemale 1-5Red1:40.99304.61 - 
Claire AudetNew Castle, NHFemale 6-7Red45.7283.17 Silver 
Teddy AudetNew Castle, NHMale 1-5Red1:15.54202.64 - 
David Bellis-bennettN. Conway, NHMale 8-9Red37.0748.52 Silver 
Nick BentleyExeter, NHMale 35-39Red36.1044.63 Bronze 
Sam BiddleRye, NHMale 6-7Red40.5262.34 Gold 
Jackson BurkeN. Conway, NHMale 6-7Red36.2345.15 DBD ◆◆ 
Guillermo Chavarria-burnsEaton Ctr, NHMale 6-7Red41.4766.15 Gold 
Liam ChesleyCtr Conway, NHMale 6-7Red35.0340.34 DBD ◆◆ 
Zach ChesleyCtr Conway, NHMale 6-7Red41.0864.58 Gold 
Eric CioffiNewburyport, MAMale 30-34Red35.2041.03 Bronze 
Aishling CoberyWindham, NHFemale 6-7Red39.6558.85 Gold 
Hadleigh DanielsKennebunk, MEFemale 6-7Red48.9996.27 Bronze 
Dylan DauteuilKittery, MEFemale 6-7Red42.8171.51 Gold 
Elyse DauteuilKittery, MEMale 6-7Red42.6870.99 Silver 
Emily DelehantyRed37.5350.36 ? 
Jack DelormeNatick, MAMale 6-7Red38.1352.76 Gold 
Nicholas DelormeNatick, MAMale 1-5Red46.1484.86 DBD ◆◆ 
Kaylin DeschenesRed30.2121.03 ? 
Hale DodierN. Hampton, NHFemale 6-7Red37.9552.04 DBD ◆◆ 
Emma DuvalTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red38.7655.29 DBD ◆◆ 
Dan EilertsenMattapoisett, MAMale 40-44Red32.1328.73 Silver 
Brooke FordPortsmouth, NHFemale 1-5Red1:11.59186.86 - 
Kendall FordPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red2:02.85392.19 - 
Adalyn GaribayBrentwood, NHFemale 6-7Red49.2997.48 Bronze 
Joanne GaudetLynn, MAFemale 30-34Red52.01108.37 - 
Evelyn GilmoreIntervale, NHFemale 6-7Red46.7687.34 Silver 
Ascher GordonWeston, MAFemale 6-7Red37.9151.88 DBD ◆◆ 
Silver GordonWeston, MAMale 6-7Red56.95128.17 - 
Lyra GrandyDurham, NHFemale 6-7Red41.0664.50 Gold 
Marlon GrandyDurham, NHMale 8-9Red30.7023.00 DBD ◆◆ 
Sabian HallinPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red41.4866.19 Gold 
Richard HeathEaton Center, NHMale 10-11Red28.5014.18 Gold 
Molly HegartyDurham, NHFemale 6-7Red51.89107.89 Bronze 
Katie KaiserRed38.2153.08 ? 
Lilly KillourieJackson, NHFemale 6-7Red45.9784.17 Silver 
Ryan KramerMattituck , NYMale 6-7Red45.4882.21 Silver 
Abigail LannenWakefield, MAFemale 6-7Red41.8667.71 Gold 
Jonathan LannenWakefield, MAMale 1-5Red1:26.74247.52 - 
Chris LanouetteDanvers, MAMale 21-29Red27.319.42 DBD ◆◆ 
Eric LarsonPelham, NHMale 30-34Red28.1412.74 DBD ◆◆ 
Josh LarsonPelham, NHMale 8-9Red30.7023.00 DBD ◆◆ 
Fiona LeonardSudbury, MAMale 1-5Red1:32.51270.63 - 
Bailey LightGlen, NHMale 6-7Red1:10.33181.77 - 
Skyla MacEHampton, NHFemale 6-7Red35.7943.39 DBD ◆◆ 
Bea MahoodJackson, NHFemale 6-7Red50.25101.32 Bronze 
Ella MalinowskiTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red37.1648.88 DBD ◆◆ 
Alicia MatthesPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red43.7875.40 Silver 
Tyler MatthesPortsmouth, NHMale 6-7Red37.9952.20 Gold 
Claire MunkacsiGorham, MEFemale 8-9Red31.3425.56 DBD ◆◆ 
Sam MunkacsiGorham, MEMale 6-7Red33.5334.33 DBD ◆◆ 
Cade MurphyMale 6-7Red37.0248.32 DBD ◆◆ 
Dave OlsonFryeburg, MEMale 6-7Red35.5842.55 DBD ◆◆ 
Keelin OmalleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red50.14100.88 Bronze 
Paige OmalleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 1-5Red52.54110.50 Gold 
Chris PorcaroWindham, NHMale 30-34Red34.8139.46 Bronze 
Emma PorcaroWindham, NHFemale 8-9Red32.6130.65 Gold 
Elise PorterAndover, MAFemale 8-9Red37.4349.96 Silver 
Gardner PorterAndover, MAMale 6-7Red38.1052.64 Gold 
Kevin PotterManchester, MAMale 18-20Red28.5914.54 Gold 
Sadie PotterManchester, MAFemale 6-7Red40.9964.22 Gold 
Steve QuarantielloNewburyport, MAMale 30-34Red28.8615.63 Gold 
Hailey QuinnHampton, NHFemale 1-5Red1:34.23277.52 - 
Cameron ReevesHarwich, MAMale 6-7Red35.4241.91 DBD ◆◆ 
Norman RiceNew Castle, NHMale 6-7Red38.7255.13 Gold 
Norman RiceNew Castle, NHMale 21-29Red33.0532.41 Bronze 
Mike RogersNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Red32.3629.65 Silver 
Thomas RoosenboomCtr Conway, NHMale 6-7Red39.6758.93 Gold 
Tucker RowleyHingham, MAMale 10-11Red29.8119.43 Silver 
Charlie SheaBelmont, MAMale 6-7Red45.2881.41 Silver 
Lily StephanConway, NHFemale 6-7Red45.3581.69 Silver 
Misty StephanConway, NHFemale 6-7Red49.1196.75 Bronze 
Caroline TraskN. Conway, NHFemale 1-5Red41.7767.35 DBD ◆◆ 
Julia Mia WhiteTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red41.0064.26 Gold 
Alex WilkinsonManchester, MAMale 6-7Red30.2721.27 DBD ◆◆ 
Charlie WilkinsonManchester, MAMale 6-7Red36.1044.63 DBD ◆◆ 
Clara YagerN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red40.7963.42 Gold