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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Feb 28th, 2016
Daily Race The Gates
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Par Time

Dave Clancy
Results for Feb 28th, 2016 - Daily Race The Gates

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Richard Jr AdamsWestwood, MAMale 8-9Red29.9824.55 DBD ◆◆ 
Audrey AllenGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red57.29138.01 - 
Phoebe AllenGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red54.77127.54 - 
Mia AstrauskasSudbury, MAFemale 6-7Red38.2859.04 Gold 
Siena AstrauskasNew Castle, NHFemale 1-5Red1:00.79152.56 Bronze 
Claire AudetNew Castle, NHFemale 6-7Red52.21116.91 Bronze 
Teddy AudetNew Castle, NHMale 1-5Red1:18.79227.34 - 
Tim AveryHampton, NHMale 10-11Red36.5551.85 Bronze 
Sherie Bellis-bennettN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red1:59.3395.64 - 
Genevieve BentleyExeter, NHMale 6-7Red44.3584.25 Bronze 
Paige BirdMarblehead, MAFemale 8-9Red30.0124.68 DBD ◆◆ 
Matthew BourgoinMale 21-29Red28.9520.27 Silver 
Meredith BrooksDurham, NHFemale 8-9Red31.5230.95 Gold 
Julia BrownMeredith, NHFemale 8-9Red30.8628.21 DBD ◆◆ 
Ava CanterN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red48.81102.78 Bronze 
Mackenzie CarrGlen, NHFemale 8-9Red27.4914.21 DBD ◆◆ 
Morgan CarrGlen, NHFemale 6-7Red34.6043.75 DBD ◆◆ 
Gabriella CaseyWestwood, MAFemale 8-9Red32.6935.81 Gold 
Mason CheneyMarblehead, MAMale 8-9Red27.4814.17 DBD ◆◆ 
Dave ClancyFreedom, NHMale 45-49Red27.3313.54 DBD ◆◆ 
Erin CoberyWindham, NHFemale 6-7Red51.13112.42 Bronze 
Carson CouperthwaitKittery, MEMale 6-7Red33.4639.01 DBD ◆◆ 
Kyle CoutureDouglas, MAMale 6-7Red1:03.83165.18 - 
Lyla CoutureDouglas, MAFemale 6-7Red1:05.19170.84 - 
Hunter CraneSherborn, MAMale 6-7Red38.6360.49 Gold 
Arthur CunninghamStandish, MEMale 50-54Red27.8315.62 DBD ◆◆ 
Hadleigh DanielsKennebunk, MEFemale 6-7Red50.96111.72 Bronze 
Dylan DauteuilKittery, MEFemale 6-7Red42.0774.78 Silver 
Elyse DauteuilKittery, MEMale 6-7Red44.3684.30 Bronze 
Ella DeanWest Roxbury, MAFemale 6-7Red38.1158.33 Gold 
Maggie DelaneySherborn, MAFemale 6-7Red42.7477.57 Silver 
Molly DelaneySherborn, MAFemale 6-7Red1:08.59184.96 - 
Emily DelehantyRed37.4355.50 ? 
Jack DelormeNatick, MAMale 6-7Red36.5351.77 DBD ◆◆ 
Nicholas DelormeNatick, MAMale 1-5Red1:18.33225.43 - 
Noah DiepPortsmouth, NHMale 8-9Red28.1516.95 DBD ◆◆ 
Daniela DinittoMethuen, MAFemale 6-7Red31.8032.11 DBD ◆◆ 
Nora DuvalTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red40.9169.96 Gold 
Caitlin EastonWinchester, MAFemale 8-9Red30.5326.84 DBD ◆◆ 
Holden EdenbachGorham, MEMale 6-7Red38.8161.24 Gold 
Morgan EdenbachGorham, MEFemale 8-9Red33.2938.30 Gold 
Dan EilertsenMattapoisett, MAMale 40-44Red30.8528.17 Silver 
Adalyn GaribayBrentwood, NHFemale 6-7Red52.20116.87 Bronze 
Eva GarofanoBarrington, RIFemale 6-7Red33.2538.14 DBD ◆◆ 
Ella GlimoreIntervale, NHFemale 6-7Red45.0687.20 Silver 
Lyra GrandyDurham, NHFemale 6-7Red39.0862.36 Gold 
Marlon GrandyDurham, NHMale 8-9Red30.5426.88 Gold 
Conor HoyYork, MEMale 8-9Red31.7131.74 Gold 
Nick HoyYork, MEMale 6-7Red31.5030.87 DBD ◆◆ 
Tom IrvingMale 40-44Red26.9511.97 DBD ◆◆ 
Reed KarnoppKearsarge, NHMale 8-9Red30.9728.67 Gold 
Stefan KarnoppKearsarge, NHMale 35-39Red26.6710.80 DBD ◆◆ 
Brigham KillourieJackson, NHMale 1-5Red1:37.54305.23 - 
Lilly KillourieJackson, NHFemale 6-7Red1:06.28175.36 - 
Haley KutzerWestwood, MAFemale 8-9Red30.4526.51 DBD ◆◆ 
Paige LanouetteDanvers, MAFemale 6-7Red33.0237.18 DBD ◆◆ 
Eric LarsonPelham, NHMale 30-34Red27.5014.25 Gold 
Josh LarsonPelham, NHMale 8-9Red30.3225.97 Gold 
Bjorn LarussonHanover, NHMale 6-7Red34.9745.28 DBD ◆◆ 
Ron LeightonRochester, NHMale 45-49Red27.2513.21 DBD ◆◆ 
Fiona LeonardSudbury, MAMale 1-5Red1:03.78164.98 Bronze 
Bailey LightGlen, NHMale 6-7Red1:35.89298.38 - 
Caroline LuffN. Hampton, NHFemale 8-9Red31.5130.91 Gold 
Dan LyonsWinchester, MAMale 35-39Red29.9124.26 Silver 
Sonya LyonsWinchester, MAFemale 6-7Red36.1650.23 DBD ◆◆ 
Skyla MacEHampton, NHFemale 6-7Red39.1462.61 Gold 
Violet MalinowskiTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red48.56101.74 Bronze 
Grace MaloneyTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red44.8086.12 Silver 
Alicia MatthesPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red1:11.15195.60 - 
Bea MayFemale 6-7Red30.2925.84 DBD ◆◆ 
Ryan MeadeBrentwood, NHMale 6-7Red40.8469.67 Silver 
Sam MunkacsiGorham, MEMale 6-7Red33.6439.76 DBD ◆◆ 
Cade MurphyMale 6-7Red34.0441.42 DBD ◆◆ 
Addy NeslonIntervale, NHFemale 8-9Red31.0428.96 DBD ◆◆ 
Ellie NeslonIntervale, NHFemale 6-7Red36.0549.77 DBD ◆◆ 
Keelin OmalleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red46.1691.77 Bronze 
Charlie PingreeMarblehead, MAMale 8-9Red28.6519.03 DBD ◆◆ 
Courtney PingreeMarblehead, MAFemale 8-9Red26.7311.05 DBD ◆◆ 
Grace PorcaroWindham, NHFemale 6-7Red32.0233.03 DBD ◆◆ 
Samantha QuarantielloNewburyport, MAFemale 8-9Red27.6915.04 DBD ◆◆ 
Meeghan QuinnHampton, NHFemale 6-7Red48.52101.58 Bronze 
Nathan RiveraProvidence, RIMale 6-7Red33.0837.43 DBD ◆◆ 
Aidan RogersMiddleton, MAMale 6-7Red35.8648.98 DBD ◆◆ 
Mike RogersNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Red39.2463.02 - 
Ken RomanoLynnfield, MAMale 35-39Red26.8211.43 DBD ◆◆ 
Luke SantosMale 8-9Red35.1546.03 Silver 
Linnea ShelleyHanover, MAFemale 8-9Red32.6535.65 Gold 
Mimi SiegelChester, CTFemale 6-7Red38.2558.91 Gold 
Tanner SmithCtr. Conway, NHMale 6-7Red33.7540.22 DBD ◆◆ 
John StandringExeter, NHMale 6-7Red30.3726.17 DBD ◆◆ 
John StandringExeter, NHMale 30-34Red31.4930.83 Silver 
Tina StandringExeter, NHFemale 8-9Red28.7119.28 DBD ◆◆ 
Tim SterlingWestwood, MAMale 6-7Red32.8536.48 DBD ◆◆ 
Garrett ThebergeMale 6-7Red31.4130.49 DBD ◆◆ 
Luke ThebergeMale 8-9Red28.1316.87 DBD ◆◆ 
Dylan TraskPlainville, MAMale 8-9Red29.5322.68 DBD ◆◆ 
Tyler TraskPlainville, MAMale 6-7Red30.8128.00 DBD ◆◆ 
Charlotte VatcherKennebunk, MEFemale 8-9Red30.5226.80 DBD ◆◆ 
Annabelle WainmanKennebunkport, MEFemale 6-7Red1:00.16149.94 - 
Finley WhitlockSherborn, MAMale 6-7Red43.8682.22 Silver 
Clara YagerN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red40.9770.21 Gold