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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Feb 27th, 2016
Daily Race The Gates 2
sunny cold

Par Time

Dave Clancy
Results for Feb 27th, 2016 - Daily Race The Gates 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Phoebe AllenGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red47.3695.14 Bronze 
Tristan AndersenN. Easton, MAMale 6-7Red39.5763.04 Gold 
Katja AstrauskasNew Castle, NHFemale 8-9Red55.17127.32 - 
Mia AstrauskasSudbury, MAFemale 6-7Red41.5070.99 Gold 
Siena AstrauskasNew Castle, NHFemale 1-5Red49.14102.47 Gold 
David Bellis-bennettN. Conway, NHMale 8-9Red40.0565.02 Bronze 
Sherie Bellis-bennettN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red41.9272.72 Gold 
Genevieve BentleyExeter, NHMale 6-7Red44.0081.29 Silver 
Sam BiddleRye, NHMale 6-7Red38.9760.57 Gold 
Jamie Binda-dunnWinchester, MAMale 6-7Red34.2741.20 DBD ◆◆ 
Julia BrownMeredith, NHFemale 8-9Red30.1324.15 DBD ◆◆ 
Haylee BurkeN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red45.4787.35 Silver 
Jackson BurkeN. Conway, NHMale 6-7Red36.3049.57 DBD ◆◆ 
Zach ChesleyCtr Conway, NHMale 6-7Red42.4674.95 Silver 
Aishling CoberyWindham, NHFemale 6-7Red46.3791.06 Bronze 
Carson CouperthwaitKittery, MEMale 6-7Red32.9835.89 DBD ◆◆ 
Kyle CoutureDouglas, MAMale 6-7Red40.9868.85 Silver 
Hunter CraneSherborn, MAMale 6-7Red37.0852.78 Gold 
Arthur CunninghamStandish, MEMale 50-54Red29.1920.27 DBD ◆◆ 
Ella DeanWest Roxbury, MAFemale 6-7Red38.9660.53 Gold 
Molly DelaneySherborn, MAFemale 6-7Red1:03.23160.53 - 
Jack DelormeNatick, MAMale 6-7Red38.2457.56 Gold 
Hale DodierN. Hampton, NHFemale 6-7Red36.0648.58 DBD ◆◆ 
Nora DuvalTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red39.9964.77 Gold 
Holden EdenbachGorham, MEMale 6-7Red37.0652.70 Gold 
Giada FecteauRye, NHMale 1-5Red37.8756.04 DBD ◆◆ 
Anna GarofanoBarrington, RIFemale 8-9Red33.9339.80 Gold 
Talula GreggPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red45.6588.09 Silver 
Jillian HowlandConway, NHFemale 6-7Red43.3978.78 Silver 
Jack HubbardMale 8-9Red32.5434.07 Gold 
Robert HubbardRed30.4025.26 ? 
Merick IacozilliFryeburg, MEMale 6-7RedDNF-  
Tom IrvingMale 40-44Red27.4413.06 DBD ◆◆ 
Brigham KillourieJackson, NHMale 1-5Red1:24.04246.27 - 
Ryan KramerMattituck , NYMale 6-7Red46.7392.54 Bronze 
Paige LanouetteDanvers, MAFemale 6-7Red33.0736.26 DBD ◆◆ 
Eric LarsonPelham, NHMale 30-34Red28.6017.84 Gold 
George LarsonDerry, NHMale 55-59Red33.7939.23 Gold 
Bjorn LarussonHanover, NHMale 6-7Red36.3649.81 DBD ◆◆ 
Will LavalleeChestnut Hill, MAMale 6-7Red31.0127.77 DBD ◆◆ 
Fiona LeonardSudbury, MAMale 1-5Red54.18123.24 Silver 
Nathaniel LynnIntervale, NHMale 6-7Red40.0364.94 Gold 
Alexandra LyonsWinchester, MAFemale 21-29Red41.6471.57 Bronze 
Sonya LyonsWinchester, MAFemale 6-7Red37.8055.75 DBD ◆◆ 
Skyla MacEHampton, NHFemale 6-7Red42.2173.92 Silver 
Ella MalinowskiTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red41.0769.22 Gold 
Violet MalinowskiTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red47.2694.73 Bronze 
Grace MaloneyTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red50.14106.59 Bronze 
Annaliese MatteConway, NHFemale 6-7Red37.3153.73 DBD ◆◆ 
Alicia MatthesPortsmouth, NHFemale 6-7Red43.7880.39 Silver 
Tyler MatthesPortsmouth, NHMale 6-7Red33.1736.67 DBD ◆◆ 
Bea MayFemale 6-7Red34.5342.27 DBD ◆◆ 
Chris McEvoyNorth Attleboro, MAMale 8-9Red37.6555.13 Bronze 
Ryan MeadeBrentwood, NHMale 6-7Red41.2069.76 Silver 
John MersfelderTamworth, NHMale 65-69Red1:55.3375.07 - 
Liat MoritzNorth Andover, MAFemale 6-7Red40.4266.54 Gold 
Ofer MoritzNorth Andover, MAMale 6-7Red42.9677.01 Silver 
Claire MunkacsiGorham, MEFemale 8-9Red32.6134.36 Gold 
Ellie NeslonIntervale, NHFemale 6-7Red36.7051.22 DBD ◆◆ 
Pj NestorNorth Conway, NHMale 12-13Red29.8222.87 Silver 
Cami NewtonN. Conway, NHFemale 6-7Red40.4666.71 Gold 
Keelin OmalleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 6-7Red50.42107.75 Bronze 
Grace PorcaroWindham, NHFemale 6-7Red31.0627.98 DBD ◆◆ 
Nathan RiveraProvidence, RIMale 6-7Red32.2032.67 DBD ◆◆ 
Aidan RogersMiddleton, MAMale 6-7Red35.9147.96 DBD ◆◆ 
Mike RogersNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Red33.3837.54 Bronze 
Mia RosnerBristol , RIFemale 6-7Red42.7776.23 Silver 
Katie SheaBelmont, MAFemale 8-9Red40.5166.91 Bronze 
Linnea ShelleyHanover, MAFemale 8-9Red32.7634.98 Gold 
Avi SiegelChester, CTFemale 6-7Red38.6259.13 Gold 
Isa SiegelChester, CTFemale 6-7Red39.9564.61 Gold 
Mimi SiegelChester, CTFemale 6-7Red39.5663.00 Gold 
Tanner SmithCtr. Conway, NHMale 6-7Red34.2241.00 DBD ◆◆ 
Lily StephanConway, NHFemale 6-7Red40.7367.82 Gold 
Tim SterlingWestwood, MAMale 6-7Red54.71125.42 - 
Annabelle WainmanKennebunkport, MEFemale 6-7Red43.7580.26 Silver 
Kegan WasserboehrNatick, MAMale 6-7Red45.0085.41 Bronze 
Kelly WasserboehrNatick, MAFemale 6-7Red45.8989.08 Silver 
Julia Mia WhiteTopsfield, MAFemale 6-7Red43.1077.59 Silver 
Finley WhitlockSherborn, MAMale 6-7Red45.1385.95 Bronze